The Turtleneck Season

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, which means that we are embracing turtleneck season. Turtleneck sweaters are perfect for when the weather gets colder and you need that extra warmth on your neck and throat. Whether you like a loose turtleneck or a more closely fitted turtleneck, we got you. We want to present to you our turtleneck pieces and describe the benefits of the different styles depending on the weather.

                           Experience comfort and elegance

We have 7 different styles in our turtleneck collection, and we want to explain which pieces are perfect for what and why. We have two classic turtleneck sweaters, the Eva Turtleneck and the Amalie Turtleneck. They are basic and slightly oversized turtlenecks that work on their own in an outfit. Style a pair of jeans with one of the oversized turtlenecks to get a comfy and slightly casual look.
Then we have a thinner style with a maritime look, the Marine Turtleneck. It still gives a nice and toasty warmth, but is a thinner knitted material than the next style we want to present. Style the marine with a pair of suit pants and mix the sporty maritime vibe with a more classic and professional office vibe.
Amalie Turtleneck
Simone Turtleneck

A thicker turtleneck style in our collection is the Simone Turtleneck. It is a thick knitted cashmere sweater with a high neck, which means it will give an incredible warmth to you and your throat – perfect for those cold winter days. This turtleneck is perfect for when you are lounging at home and want to stay warm while laying on the couch, but can also be styled appropriately for the office hours.

Especially for the autumn months, a thick turtleneck can be too warm. That is why we have created a turtleneck vest, that you can easily use on its own or wear on top of a basic slim blouse. We call it the Pernille Vest, and it is a thick cashmere vest. It is an oversize and boxy vest that would look cool and edgy with a pair of slim pants and a chunky belt. We love the opportunities this style creates, and you can play with it

Experience comfort and elegance

Then we have our Basic Turtleneck, which is part of our Basic Collection that is a mix between cashmere and silk. It is the perfect all around piece as it will keep you warm and dry, but it is not too hot. Use it as a layering piece in the ski season or on its own with a short sleeved shirt on top. Lastly, we have our Neck Warmer that is the perfect turtleneck accessory for when the weather is cold and you need a little extra warmth. Ours is made of 100% cashmere and will keep your neck and throat warm for sure. It has a more loose fitted neck, so you won’t feel like it is too tight.

Basic Turtleneck

Turtleneck season is upon us and we are ready for it. Embrace it with our different styles of turtlenecks and use it throughout the autumn and winter season. From thick sweaters to a slim basic to an accessory. Whatever you need, we got you covered. All of our turtlenecks can be styled however you want, and we have given you some ideas to get you inspired.

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