Autumn-Winter 2023


Fabric Guide.



All natural.

We are a cashmere brand primarily, but do also have other fabrics such as silk and wool. We want to let you in on the difference between the fabrics we have, and why. There is a reason why one would choose one fabric over the other. They are all natural fabrics that will have different purposes for the style. There is therefore a meaning to why we are choosing different fabrics to different products, and now you have the chance to know why.



Cashmere is our primary fabric as it is what most of our styles are made of exclusively. It is one of the most exclusive products and comes from goats living in Mongolia. It is mostly the hair of the goats that naturally gets stuck in the grass that is used. But why is cashmere so soft? The fibers come from the goats’ undercoat, which is the finest and softest spot. It is protected by an outer layer, and therefore it does not get negatively affected by the weather and other conditions. Cashmere is warmer and lighter than regular wool, which is why a cashmere sweater made of 100% cashmere will be very light, but very warm as well. In addition to this, the finer the fibers you use, the better and softer a piece you will get. We use the finest quality for our styles, which is why our pieces are exactly the softest and best of choice.



Silk is a fabric we use for our Basic Collection in a perfect blend together with cashmere. It is a natural fiber that is extracted from the silk butterfly’s cocoon, and is one of the longest and finest fibers. Silk is known to be very smooth and soft. That is because it is the treads around the cocoons that are used and collected. The silk fiber is smooth which makes the silk very soft when used in styles. On top of that, silk has an ability to make your skin breathe while wearing it. The fibers of silk have a very good absorbent ability as it can absorb 30% of its own weight in humidity without it feeling wet on the skin. That is why we say that you will feel balanced while wearing our Basic styles. We blend our silk with cashmere in order to get both the balancing and smooth touch from silk and the warmth and softness from the cashmere.



Wool is a fabric we use for our outerwear, which means our coats and jackets. It is a natural fiber that is known for its warmth, but why is it that warm? Wool fibers have hollow spaces naturally, which gives it an ability to entrap air within the material. This means that wool is perfect as an insulating material and will keep you warm in the cold weather. Our wool styles are not itchy in any way, because they are made from longer and softer fibers. This makes it way more comfortable to wear on the skin. The reason we have chosen wool for our outerwear is because it is extremely warm without being too hot to wear in the fall and early spring as well.

We use natural fibers in our styles; cashmere, silk, and wool. These are all natural materials that have different abilities, which is perfect depending on what style it is. We want a cashmere sweater to be warm while lightweight, and obviously also incredibly soft. Our cashmere and silk blend is to have a smooth and soft style that will keep your skin balanced throughout the day or night. We want the wool of our outerwear to keep you warm and insulated even on the coldest winter days.

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