When you see the W, you instantly know it’s a Wuth Copenhagen cashmere piece. The simple and elegant logo carefully placed on the different styles symbolizes not only the brand but a story. We will take you back in time. Back to when Wuth Copenhagen was founded and our cashmere brand was introduced to the luxury fashion scenes.

Where it all started

Wuth Copenhagen is founded by the owner, Birgitte Wuth, who has a background in design from Paris and Copenhagen. With her solid expertise and great interest in fashion, she founded the brand in 2014. Read our story.

The thoughts behind the design of our logo are discreet, classic and neutral. 

– Birgitte Wuth

The thoughts behind the design of our logo are discreet, classic and neutral. We want you to be able to spot our design without feeling like you are shouting it from the rooftops. Recognizability but made subtle. We believe that if you know, you know. It is about our styles standing out from other brands without drawing too much attention with a crazy color or a big design. Subtle and classic are how to secure staple pieces in your closet.

All about cashmere

First, the company was called Wuth Cashmere, but after introducing our Coat Collection with wool coats and Basic Collection with cashmere & silk items, it made sense to rename it to Wuth Copenhagen. Birgitte has a great passion especially for cashmere and in the different possibilities of this kind of natural product. She visits different cities and cultures in order to get inspired to create beautiful pieces with attention to detail.

Our simple signature

Our logo is what brings all our pieces together, whether it will be accessories, outerwear or cashmere sweaters. The logo symbolizes our brand, our styles and our story through almost 10 years, and we know and hope that you will carry our pieces with confidence and continue the story. When you see the W, you will know that it is a Wuth Copenhagen piece.

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