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We are always striving to get better in any way possible. We constantly improve our website, collections, social media, and of course our customer service. That includes answering all your questions regarding our styles, sizes, and brand in general. Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions from you, and will answer them to the best of our ability

“Why choose Wuth Copenhagen over other Danish cashmere brands?.”

We are just one out of many cashmere brands in Denmark, but what makes us special is our love for quality and our persistence in giving everyone the opportunity to invest in something nice. In addition to that, we are a very small business meaning we are three people in the team. This means that we all are a part of every process and love to get involved in the different aspects of the company. Being a small business, we rely on you, our customers, which means we put a lot of hard work and effort into our customer experience and service. This is something we hope you can feel when you visit our website.

“How many people are behind the brand?” 

We are a small, but good team of three. Birgitte Wuth is the founder and owner of the brand as well as the designer of all our pieces. She is creative and innovative when creating new styles and colors for all our collections. Simone Staal is our marketing manager and website guru. She is the one designing our website and making sure that our styles are presented beautifully and manageably. Then we have a SoMe wizard, Cecilie Mantzius, who is managing our social media and writing articles. So, we are a small team, which we like because it means that we are all involved in every aspect of the brand.

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“How is your brand sustainable?”

We are constantly trying to improve our collections to be sustainable, which is why we focus a lot on telling how our pieces can be a great investment for you. A sustainable piece is something that can be in your wardrobe for many years. Cashmere is a fabric that will last forever with the right care, which is why we make guides and articles about how to take care of your cashmere, because that is what makes the difference. That is also what you pay for, when you are investing in a premium cashmere piece: quality and durability.

“Size inclusivity?.”

Our sizes have for a couple of years been from a size small to a size large, but now we are consistently including more sizes such as extra-small and extra-large. This is something we are prioritizing in order to include everyone in our collections. A bigger size range means an investment in something we do not know will sell or not, but by receiving feedback from you, our customers, we now know that it is something we want to include in our collections.

“Does it really matter if it’s 100% cashmere?” 

Yes! That’s the short answer. The longer answer is that if you’re buying a cashmere blend with another fabric that is not the same quality, you’re compromising price for what makes cashmere a premium product. The softness and lightweightness will be compromised if the fabric is not 100% cashmere. Obviously, pure cashmere comes with a price, but it also comes with a much higher durability, which makes it worth every penny in the end. Keeping an eye on whether a piece is a 100% cashmere is so important, because it really does matter.

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Still need some answers?

Answering your questions, whether it’s about our styles or our brand, is something we value and prioritize. That is why you can always contact us through Instagram, through email or by calling us: you ask, we answer. We are here to guide you in any way possible, because we strive to get better day by day.

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