Our mission.

We are continuing our series, where you can get to know us and our brand more in depth. This is the next part of our series, where you can read about our mission as a cashmere brand. Hopefully you will get insight into what we continuously strive for and what we do to accomplish this.

Focus on quality

Our mission is first and foremost to create beautiful and sustainable collections of cashmere styles. We do this by working intensely on every collection making styles with a thought for details and timelessness. Our focus is to design styles that you will use and have in your wardrobe for decades by ensuring good quality and minimalistic design. The styles in our collections are made only from the best quality of cashmere, silk, and wool. These premium natural materials are made to last and to keep their benefits. Our mission is to never compromise with quality, but keep creating pieces in natural materials that will last. Read more about our materials and their benefits here.

Everyday luxury is our motto

Our mission for the future is to strive to become the preferred cashmere brand in Europe. By creating quality collections that actually last, writing articles that help you choose which styles are perfect for you, and by creating guides about our materials and about how to care for your pieces. Because we know that it is not always enough to have a beautiful design, but the universe around a brand is important as well. This means that we value our customers and are always ready to help and answer questions for our cashmere community. Lastly, our motto is everyday luxury, which means that we strive to continue to be able to offer everyone the possibility to invest in everyday luxury. Because both men and women deserve to feel good and comfortable every day.

“To us, everyday luxury is a lifestyle and our mission is to share this with you”

– Birgitte Wuth

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