Our story

We are making a series for you to get to know us and our brand more in depth. You will be able to read about our story of our brand, our mission, our thoughts behind our styles, our goal, our vision for the brand, our passion, and the essence of our collections. In this article, we want to invite you in behind the scenes of our cashmere brand. The idea is that you will feel like you know our story from the very beginning until now. We believe that it is nice to know the story and philosophy of a brand, and perhaps it may answer some of your questions about us at Wuth Copenhagen.

The story of Wuth Copenhagen

Our story begins in 2014 when Birgitte Wuth started the brand with the thought of creating quality cashmere. She had to build the brand up from scratch including reaching out to agents and retailers. She has a design degree from the international design school ESMOD in Paris, which laid the base for the process of designing beautiful styles. In the beginning, the brand was called Wuth Cashmere as the focus was on 100% cashmere styles and only consisted of Birgitte. She started out by creating three classic styles – one of which we still have in our collection today, the Classic Scarf. After the first years, the collections slowly expanded with more styles but keeping it timeless and classic, by having dedicated agents selling the styles to retailers. This later made it possible to take on interns and student workers from time to time.
Then it became possible to have the first full-time employee, Simone, who helped build up the current website and exterior universe of Wuth Copenhagen. The idea has always been to design beautiful and exclusive cashmere styles with the material in focus, which is why our collections were later expanded with more quality materials. Birgitte has a profound love for natural materials and especially for cashmere, wool, and silk, which are now always a part of our collection She wants to offer designs in timeless and sophisticated silhouettes and the intention is to design styles that are made to be a part of your wardrobe faves for decades. The philosophy of Wuth Copenhagen is to offer luxury in everyday styles for both men and women – because everyone deserves to experience true quality.

From dream to reality

We hope this gave you a view of the history of Wuth Copenhagen from the very beginning until now. Every brand starts with something small and through dedicated work and intent, it can grow into that initial dream. Knowing the story of our brand completes the universe of Wuth Copenhagen and cashmere community.
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