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Gratis levering på alle produkter. 100% cashmere direkte hjem til dig.
in EU
Gratis retur til alle. Returner inden 14 dage fra køb hos Wuth Copenhagen
 within 14 days
100% premium cashmere bluser til kvinder fra Wuth Copenhagen.
100% cashmere.


Our womens softest cashmere pants are perfect for relaxing days, when not going-out-of-the house days, or travel days. Yes, we have pants you’ll wear everywhere. Get comfortable with our 100% pure cashmere pants. Choose our light cashmere joggers for spring and summer days, and when the winter is coming, you should go for our thicker and warmer pants. Our women’s cashmere pants can keep you cosy for seasons to come. Combine your pants with our soft cashmere styles. Or you could spoil your boyfriend, husband or father with some soft love. Find our sweater selection for men or read more about our cashmere quality.

Wuth Copenhagen har de blødeste cashmere bukser til kvinder. 100% premium cashmere fra Indre Mongoliet.