How to Properly Care for Kaschmir

Always treat your kaschmir nicely

Take care of your kaschmir pieces and they will last a lifetime. That is our mantra and we firmly believe that it is true for everyone. If you take proper care of your cashmere, then it will stand the test of time. But why is it important? A cashmere item is often a more spendy piece of clothes, and with good reason. Both because it’s a careful hand craftsmanship that takes time to produce and because of the premium quality, but also because it’s an item that will last forever – if you will let it.
After washing, never dry the sweater in a dryer or directly in the sunlight as it can shrink, lose its softness and changes in the fibers can occur. We recommend you dry it carefully with a towel and then lay it flat on an even surface. After some time, you may start to notice that your cashmere style starts to build up little lumps of fibers. No worries, just use a cashmere comb and carefully brush your piece and remove the excess, and it’s as good as new. We suggest you don’t wear your cashmere item two days in a row. Instead, make sure to give your piece at least one day to breathe. Read our Care Guide.

How to take care of your cashmere

Our advice is you should take the time to understand how to care for your cashmere. And yes, cashmere requires regular care, but it’s so worth it. First of all, don’t wash your cashmere item between every wear. It will slowly start to break down the fine fibers, so instead hang your item in the fresh air and use a cashmere mist to refresh it. This will spare you for a wash and it will spare your cashmere piece as well. When it is necessary to wash it, hand wash it only with water under 30 degrees. A temperature that’s too high will ruin the fibers and ultimately shrink your cashmere piece. 

Treat your cashmere nicely for keeping it for a life time.

“Everything depends on how you take care of cashmere. And if you care, our styles will last for a life time.”

– Birgitte Wuth 

Do’s & Don’ts

Always do this

  • Wash in water no higer than 30 degrees
  • Let your cashmere piece air
  • Use a cashmere comb
  • Lay flat while drying 
  • Use a steamer to remove wrinkles 
  • Keep your piece folded in your closet

Never ever do this

  • Don’t wear your time two days in a row
  • Never use a dryer or hang to dry
  • Don’t iron your cashmere
  • Don’t hang your item in your closet
  • Never lay your item directly in the sun while drying

Cashmere items need attention, love and care – just like you would treat your favorite plant at home in order for it to thrive. As cashmere is a product from nature, we suggest always giving your item some air in order to maintain its amazing qualities. We promise that if you treat your cashmere nicely, it will be a part of your closet for a lifetime. By following these fairly easy steps, you can make sure that no matter how much you wear your items every season, it will last.

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