Cashmere Care Guide

We believe that cashmere is a long lasting investment. With our care guide we aim to help you take care of your cashmere. Since cashmere is one of the most long lasting fibers caring for your cashmere will make it last a long time and hopefully be one of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Cashmere is made to last, so please follow our care guide for a long time investment in your cashmere garment.

Vores cashmere care guide hjælper dig med at passe på dine bluser fremover


To look after your cashmere in the best possible way we recommend washing your cashmere by hand. We always recommend to wash your cashmere inside out in cold water and to use a special detergent because regular detergent will be to harsh for the cashmere. Soak your cashmere in cold water and and a small amount of soap, then soak in clean water. Repeat the last step until the soap is out of the garment. Do not wash or rinse under running water. After washing the garment, gently press out the water whitout twisting and wringing.


To dry your cashmere place it on a towel. To gently press out the rest of the water wole the towel to absorb some of the water. Then role the towel out to lay the garment flat to dry with a towel underneath. Allow it to air-dry away from the sunlight.

Do not tumble dry, unless you want your cashmere to shrink. Also avoid hanging your cashmere to dry on a hanger, as it will stretch.


When storing your cashmere do not hang the garment as it might get out of shape. Store it in your closet folded and try to keep it dust free and away from sunlight. A lavender bag with your cashmere will help it keep extra fresh and help keep the moths away.
Kæmning af din cashmere bluse er virkelig vigtigt for leve tiden på din sweater. Sørg for at behandle din cashmere bluse, så du har den mange år i fremtiden.


Pilling is naturally and usually happens in areas with high frictions. To remove the pilling do it by hand or use our cashmere comb that follows with every purchase of a cashmere sweater. Never use a scissor or razor as you’ll damage the fibres and make it worse. Peel it regular to make it look fresh.


If you have questions about our care guide, or need help to comb your cashmere blouse, you can always contact us or write to us, and we will help you answer and guide you to the best results, so you can have your cashmere blouse for many years ahead.