“Everyday luxury is a lifestyle to us. And we want to share this lifestyle with you.”

Our story

Wuth Copenhagen is an exclusive Dänische Cashmere Brand created by Birgitte Wuth. The brand originated from a desire to offer women and men garments in 100% premium cashmere and classic designs. Wuth Copenhagen has provided cashmere styles of the finest quality for our cashmere lovers around the world for the last six years with the intention of gathering the cashmere experience in one place, and offering collections with pieces for everybody. And since 2021, Wuth Copenhagen has expanded and added other exclusive materials to their universe. A universe with focus on 100% natural materials – 100% premium cashmere, 100% organic cotton and luxury hand-knitted mohair. The founder and designer Birgitte Wuth has a design degree from the international design school ESMOD in Paris, and from the time that Birgitte Wuth studied in Paris her passion and love for cashmere grew stronger.

Our passion

We are a team of cashmere lovers working hard to deliver cashmere and cotton collections of high quality that can be worn and loved for a long time. The inspiration of Wuth Copenhagene grew from Birgitte’s own personal love for natural materials and from her vision to create unique styles in quality cashmere, cotton and mohair. Since the beginning we have kept learning and perfecting every single part of our business and it’s our goal to keep developing and growing our business to give you the most luxury cashmere clothing.

Dänische cashmere brand bei Birgitte Wuth. Wuth Copenhagen has die besten cashmere Kleidung

Our collections 

Wuth Copenhagen is sold in other European countries including the UK and Germany and we strive to expand to other countries and be able to share our passion for 100% natural materials with as many people as possible. Our collections are thoughtfully made to create the experience of everyday luxury. That’s why we set standards for the quality of our materials to give our customers the best experience when purchasing our products.

Our collections and styles are timeless which make Wuth Copenhagen’s clothing the best and longtime fashion investment for our customers. Each collection is made of 100% natural materials like high quality cashmere and organic cotton to make sure that our customers get the luxury they deserve. The collections and styles are suited for every occasion whether you stay home, go to work, take a break or go out, and we dare to say that Wuth Copenhagen is made for use all year around.

Birgitte Wuth har skabt Wuth Copenhagen i 2014. Birgitte har en designuddannelse fra ESMOD i Paris.

“Our styles are for all the women who wants to give herself quality in life. Quality to her wardrobe, and her everyday. That’s what we call „everyday luxury“”.

Our vision

We aim to become the most preferred cashmere brand worldwide, and we will work harder day after day to make sure to achieve the goal. We want to continue giving the best cashmere experience, and offering the highest quality, with simple and classic styles that will last for years to come. Because everyone deserves the experience of everyday luxury.

Birgitte Wuths underskrift fra Wuth Copenhagen

Our materials


100% premium cashmere from Inner Mongolia. Cashmere comes from Tibetan cashmere goats native to the Himalayas. All yarns we use are OEKO-TEX® certified. Read more →


100% organic cotton is a natural material that more specifically comes from a plant. Our organic cotton is GOT-certified and all yarns we use are OEKO-TEX® certified. Read more →

Vores materialer som bomuld. Bomuldsblomst på Wuth Copenhagen.


Exclusive mohair consists of completely smooth and thin fibers from the angora goat. Mohair is a natural material that definitely comes from an animal’s fiber. All our styles in mohair are 100% hand-knitted. All yarns we use are OEKO-TEX® certifiedRead more →