How to Style Cashmere in the Summer.

Our vacation collection consists of beautifully detailed styles in different summer colors. The SS23 collection is created with the thought of bringing quality items into this season. We want to show that cashmere pieces are not only something to wear in the cold winter months, but can act as the perfect extra layer in the summer. Therefore, we are guiding you in how to style cashmere in the summer, so that you can invest in quality pieces that can be used and loved all year round.

Basic Cashmere Silk Polo Cardigan from  Wuth Copenhagen.

What makes our styles proper for summer?.

If you live in a climate like Scandinavia, the summer months may consist of various weather. Sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy – we have it all. Therefore, you may need both thicker and thinner variations of cashmere pieces. Our collection has both. The Basic Collection will provide a thinner cashmere and silk combination that is perfect for when it’s hot outside. The silk is a body temperature regulating fabric that will stabilize your skin while keeping it warm with the cashmere. The SS23 collection on the other hand will provide you with warmer pieces that are perfect for when the weather is colder. They are made of 100% premium cashmere and are truly quality investment styles.

Summer styles for every occasions.

Our Helena Cardigan is a perfect open and flowy piece in a combination of cashmere and silk. It is a perfect style for when the sun is out, but you still want something with long sleeves. Its flowy silhouette will make sure that you do not overheat in the summer sun. Wear it together with a pair of Basic Shorts in cashmere and silk as well. They are also soft and flowy, and will act as the perfect shorts while lounging outside in the nice weather. When the sun sets and you need a layer for sitting outside and enjoying the peaceful evening, you find a warmer cashmere pullover. Our Rikke Pullover is perfect for this occasion as it has a polo neck and an oversize fit that is perfect for summer time. You can also use it over the shoulders and then at night, you can wear it properly while eating a nice dinner outside.

discover the vacation collection

Always cashmere. Also in the summertime.

Our vacation collection has styles for every occasion in the summertime. From the basics in a perfect combination of cashmere and silk, to the heavier pure cashmere pieces from the SS23 collection. We want to show you how cashmere is perfect all year round and in every season. You just need to know how to wear it accordingly. Invest in quality cashmere pieces and wear it season after season with some guidance from us to you.

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