On this page, we have collected a selection of women’s softest cashmere pants, and are you therefore in need of some comfortable and stylish trousers? Then you have come to the right place. At Wuth Copenhagen, we offer soft pants in cashmere for your wardrobe. And cashmere pants are the top of the pop when we talk about luxury quality clothing. These are trousers that you can wear at home when you need to relax, or that you can style with a nice shirt and use every day. In many ways, cashmere trousers are therefore a must for your wardrobe. Our soft cashmere pants for women are perfect for relaxing when you want to enjoy yourself at home or on your travels.

Our women’s softest cashmere pants are perfect for relaxing days, when not going-out-of-the house days, or travel days. 

Beige Melange

Klassisch style

Paula Jogpants


Klassisch style

Patricia Jogpants



Mode kommer og går, men du vil med garanti ikke kunne gå galt i byen med tøj af cashmere. Dette stof er nemlig luksus på et helt andet plan, og hvis mærker det, forstår du hvorfor. Det eksklusive materiale kommer fra tibetanske cashmere geder, der stammer fra Himalaya. Cashmere har mange fordele, hvor en af dem er, at det er otte gange varmere og 33% lettere end fåreuld. Cashmere fiberen har en speciel struktur, som fåreuld bare ikke har. Denne struktur holder lommer med varm luft tæt på kroppen, og netop derfor er du sikret behagelig varme med cashmere bukser. Desuden er cashmere den blødeste dyrefiber på markedet, og derfor kan du med stor fordel anskaffe dig et par lækre cashmere pants.


Fashion comes and go, but you can’t go wrong in the city with clothes made of superior cashmere. This fabric is luxury on a completely different level, and if you feel it, you will understand why. The exclusive material comes from Tibetan cashmere goats originating from the Himalayas. Cashmere has many advantages, one of which is that it is eight times warmer and 33% lighter than sheep’s wool. The cashmere fiber has a special structure that sheep’s wool just doesn’t have. This structure keeps pockets of warm air close to the body, which is precisely why you are guaranteed comfortable warmth with cashmere pants. In addition, cashmere is the softest animal fiber on the market, which is why you can get a great pair of nice cashmere pants.


At Wuth Copenhagen, we are a team that loves cashmere and that works hard to deliver collections of the highest quality that can be used for many years. Since the beginning, we have continued to learn and perfect every part of the business, and it is our goal to continue to develop and expand. One of our goals is also to develop and expand the brand with 100% natural materials. Here we will continue to provide the best cashmere experience, offer the finest and most luxurious cashmere quality and deliver collections with simple and classic styles. We believe that everyone deserves the experience of everyday luxury in the form of cashmere.



At Wuth Copenhagen, there is a guarantee that you will find exactly the cashmere pants you are looking for. We have ensured that there is something for every taste among our selection, which offers cashmere joggers, cashmere leggings, wide-leg cashmere trousers and much more. So it doesn’t matter whether you want your cashmere trousers tight or loose. In addition, you can choose from a lot of different colors such as black, sand, gray and many other beautiful colors.

All our cashmere pants have in common that they are produced in the highest quality, so you can enjoy them for a very long time. In addition, they are incredibly easy to style, which is why you can wear them with nice tops, t-shirts and jumpers, and that way you can use them at work, at school or at home. You can use them to great advantage when the temperature drops and the winter months hit. Here, cashmere trousers are perfect for keeping you warm and providing great comfort. At the same time, they can easily be used for the cool summer evenings to be enjoyed on the terrace with friends and family. The possibilities are many, and cashmere pants are the perfect pair of pants for any wardrobe.


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